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Security Investigations In Denver

Security Investigations In Denver

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WorkplaceSafety & Risk

​​Crisis Management Support

Disaster Recovery Support

​Business Continuity Support
Physical Site Safety Surveys
Safety Talks
Accident Claim Analysis
Workplace Accident Prevention

General Liability Site Reviews
Behavioral Safety Training
OSHA Programs & Reporting

Worker Comp Claim Analysis

Hazard Communication

Blood-Borne Pathogens
Safety Data Sheets

Lock Out - Tag Out Requirements

Safe Lifting & Reaching

Ladders Safety

Forklift safety & Training

Safe Cutting / Gloves

Personal Protective Equipment

Machine Guarding 

Regulatory Compliance​​

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Internal / Employee Integrity
Integrity interviewing

      - "Hiring the Best"
Behavioral Analysis
Non-verbal and Verbal Behavior​

Behavioral Analysis
Non-verbal and Verbal Behavior​

Emotional & Intuitive Intelligence

Policies and Procedure
Vendor Collusion
Point Of Sale Fraud Analysis

Cash Deposits and Reconciling

Refund Fraud

Post-void and "Cancellations"

Suspicious "No-sale" Activity 

Exception Based Reporting (EBR)
Team Integrity Talks
CCTV Systems & Effective Usage
Background Checks
Employee Dishonesty Discussions
Expense Fraud Analysis
Vendor Fraud Detection
Theft & Fraud Losses
Company Values

Awareness & Training​​

Workplace Safety / OSHA

High-Integrity Cultures
Policies and Procedures
New Hire Training - Safety & Security to Prevent Loss
Inventory Controls - Best Practices
Integrity Talks
Safety Talks
Shoplifting Prevention
Customer Service / Selling Best Practices
Workplace Accident Prevention
Leadership Insights

Food Safety Site Inspections

Leadership Body Language Basics
Non-Verbal / Verbal Behavioral Analysis

Areas we specialize in...

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Security, Safety and Integrity Programs for Your Business

Internal Operations

​​​Operational Audits / Scorecards
Operational Efficiencies
​Policies and Procedures
Vendor Selection Due Diligence
Inventory Accounting & Testing
POS System Testing

Data and Margin Flow-Through
Food Safety HAACP 
Customer Service Testing

DOT / CDL Compliance Review

Supply Consumption Analysis

Our partnership process is simple, straightforward and effective, created with our clients in mind.  

From our comprehensive initial consultation through the execution of our collaborative customized strategy,  

JB Group advisors deliver results that impact people, profits, culture and long-term success. 

Together, we create a detailed blueprint to guide clients to successful and low-risk loss prevention solutions.

ATF Firearms Operations

​​​Mock ATF Compliance Audits 
4473 Requirements and Process

Operational Controls 
ATF and NFA Requirements

Policies and Procedures
Acquisition and Disposition Review
Inventory Accounting & Testing

Receiving Controls

Preventing Straw Man Sales

Range Usage / Screening

Suicide Prevention Training

Prohibited Persons Review

Inventory Security

External Threats
Locking Systems
Physical Security Surveys

Penetration Testing
Target Hardening 

Burglary Prevention

Physical Barriers

Security Glass Options
Cash Safes
Burglar Alarms Systems

Robbery Prevention

Staff Safety Awareness
Security CCTV Systems
Security Doors ,Grills & Gates
Shoplifting Prevention / Apprehension

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
Customer Service Opportunities

New Construction Security Design

JB Group provides risk management in Denver, supports loss prevention in Denver, JB Group Loss Prevention specializes in insurance risk management and improving small business profitability.