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If you sell to the public, you may be victimized by shoplifters regularly. An educated sales team understands how organized retail crime (ORC) operates and how to combat it.  Trying to "catch" the shoplifters is not only dangerous but a huge time waster when you should be selling to real customers. 

Security Investigations In Denver

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Educating your leadership team is the key to your company success and future profits. We keep it simple, relative and impactful.

Security Investigations In Denver

Executive Loss Prevention And Risk Management Leadership Training And Support

Although we focus on "loss prevention", not every risk can be avoided.  It is critical that every employee understands his / her responsibility in dealing with high-risk situations such as robbery and burglary so as to protect themselves and others from personal injury as well as unnecessary third party liability. 

Attentive employees make all the difference when they understand your inventory control and PLU system and maintain great inventory tracking. Our operational audit programs focus deeply on the importance of inventory movement and accountability.

Jb Group Security Safety integrity Employee Theft Profitability Consulting In Denver

Our partnership process is simple, straightforward and effective, created with our clients in mind.  

From our comprehensive initial consultation through the execution of our collaborative customized strategy,  

JB Group advisors deliver results that impact people, profits, culture and long-term success. 

Together, we create a detailed blueprint to guide clients to successful and low-risk loss prevention solutions.

JB Group provides risk management in Denver, supports loss prevention in Denver, JB Group Loss Prevention specializes in insurance risk management and improving small business profitability.

​​Our goal is to help you run a more profitable business by improving employee integrity, preventing and identifying internal & external theft / fraud and by improving safety and operations in your business to maximize your profits and growth. We're proficiently prepared to help you through the challenging and frustrating situations that stall your business. 

We are ready to go where you need us, when you need us.  Based in Denver, our team is adept at working locally and managing remotely. Multi-unit management is our specialty and can easily support your needs wherever issues occur.  

"Target hardening" is a critical first step in deterring burglaries and vandalism, minimizing insurance claims and reducing "down time".  Security site surveys can create cost effective strategies to upgrade your locks, glass protection, alarms and CCTV security.

Security, Safety and Integrity Programs for Your Business

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