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Therefore, the way you present yourself--especially the way you communicate nonverbally in those first few crucial minutes after meeting someone new--could make or break what could potentially be a very important business relationship.  Outcomes are determined by inputs, both verbal and non-verbal, and we'll show you how you can master this very basic but critical piece of every meeting and negotiation.

Interviewing Tips 

Fifteen ways you can use your POSITIVE body language to communicate your credibility and intentions in a way that will set you up for success every time;

1. Begin with your posture--back straight but not rigid, and shoulders relaxed so you don't look too uptight.
2. Align your body with the person you're talking to--this shows you're engaged.
3. Keep your legs apart a bit instead of crossed--this demonstrates that you're relaxed, and research shows that you retain more information when you keep your legs uncrossed.
4. Lean in a bit--this shows focus and that you really are listening.
5. Mirror the body language you are observing, showing you are in agreement and that you like--or are sincerely trying to like--the person you are with.
6. Keep your arms relaxed at your sides, showing you are open to what someone else is communicating, and as with your legs, keep your arms uncrossed in order to absorb more of what's going on.
7. Use your hands to gesture when you speak--this improves your credibility with the listener. In addition, there is evidence that gesturing with your hands while speaking improves your thinking processes.
8. Always remember to greet others with a firm handshake--but not too firm. A firm handshake is probably one of the most important body language moves, because it sets the tone for the entire conversation. 
9. Be aware of different cultural greetings and closures prior to your meeting.
10. With appropriate nods and genuine smiles, you are showing the speaker that you understand, agree, and are listening to his or her opinions.
11. Laughter is always a great way to lighten the mood when used appropriately, and once again, it shows you're listening.
12. Keep good eye contact by looking the person in the eye when he or she is communicating. Keep eye contact going when you speak, because this shows you are interested in the conversation. 
13. Beware of blinking too much. Rapid blinking could communicate that you are feeling uncomfortable with the current conversation.
14. Mirror the other person's facial expressions, because once again, this demonstrates that you are in agreement and like--or are making an effort to like--the other person.
15. Monitor your voice. Keep it low, and don't end every sentence as if it's a question. Take a deep breath and speak slowly and clearly.

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Moving Beyond the Obvious.....

Mastering Conversations and Negotiations

Research shows that 60 to 90 percent of our communication with others is nonverbal, which means the body language we use is extremely important.

In addition, it's especially important to make a good first impression. Why? Because within the first few minutes of meeting someone, we are already making decisions about what the other person's intentions are, and whether or not the person is credible and someone we want to do business with. Understanding, recognizing and practicing this simple first step to every negotiation and business interaction can position you "to win" every time, with the utmost of credibility. 

When you understand how the brain functions, and how the brain controls all involuntary muscle movements, you can easily, quickly and intelligently plan your words and strategy to easily "guide" the conversation or negotiation to your benefit. The purpose of this program is to educate you so that you can identify when the other person is being truthful, untruthful, sincere or insincere in their dialogue.  Once learned, practiced and mastered, the results, relationships and overall outcomes are astonishing.

  "Body Language Secrets"  

Take the LEAD in every conversation!

Learn how to validate honesty and integrity quickly and easily. 

Be MORE SUCCESSFUL in every conversation by identifying

the hidden physiological behaviors and messages that you are missing.

"Beyond Words"  executive insights is for professionals  who want to succeed and improve conversational expertise!

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Interviewing Tips 

Security, Safety and Integrity Programs for Your Business

When was the last time you used body language science to help close a deal, manage an employee or make an important decision? Instinctively, we habitually use body language fundamentals frequently without realizing it, and without knowing why.  You or your team would benefit greatly from understanding the science and practice behind being able to use body language effectively to read and strategically manage non-verbal facial and physical behaviors.

"Beyond Words", a strategic body language training program, is now available for executives and professionals who want to gain the advantage in critical conversations and negotiations. Taught by trained interviewers with decades of hands-on business, fraud and criminal investigation experience, this program is a must for every business executive and available now for individual and group training.   Contact us for more details on this very exclusive and insightful program.  

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Most of us can innately recognize the classic deceptionary emotions displayed by strangers and acquaintances alike based on our 7 key emotions but how quickly and naturally can you identify intentional deception or "masked" dishonesty? Are you keenly observant to mentally and visually monitor changes in verbal and non-verbal (physiological) behaviors that create the "red flags" that our mental receptors (your "sixth sense") identify?  

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Interviewing Tips 

"Beyond Words", a proprietary program created and taught by JB Group professionals, is completely interactive, and designed to be a hands-on team approach to learning resulting in a continuous self-practice and peer-support learning process that is mastered through repetition.  Our experience is based on personal, scientific and medical knowledge, combined with practical experience learned by completing more than 2,300  interviews of individuals involved in deceptive behavior, fraud, theft and other dishonesty.