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​John Bocker  is the Founder and Managing Director of JB Group, LLC, a Denver-based business strategy, risk management, security, safety, loss prevention, compliance and employee integrity consulting firm. 

John maintained a long and successful career in building strong teams committed to the organization's overall risk management success, with a strong focus on evaluating criminal data and trends, managing operational execution, protecting assets of Fortune 500 retailers and prioritizing team goals. His specialties include strategic planning, risk assessment, asset protection, ATF operational and compliance auditing, profit improvement, building integrity, training field and senior executives, and complex investigations. These areas were optimized during his executive leadership experience in various senior risk management and operational roles at Circuit City, Galyan’s Sporting Goods, OfficeMax, Smashburger and Vail Resorts. 

John currently serves as a Certified Business Consultant for the North Metro Denver office of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), specializing in risk management,  strategic planning and behavioral analysis training. John is also an independent Security & Compliance Consultant and the primary Security content provider for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (

John served as co-chairman of the New Jersey Retail Merchant's Association Committee for Retail Security following 9/11 and is an active member of the American Society for Industrial Security.  John attended the City University of New York, where he majored in Industrial Psychology and Business Economics. 

  • Internal Security & Operational Controls
  • ​Asset Loss Prevention
  • Employee Integrity
  • Workplace Safety & Risk Management
  • External Threats 
  • Firearms / ATF Programs
  • Executive Awareness & Training

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Security Investigations In Denver

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Our partnership process is simple, straightforward and effective, created with our clients in mind.  

From our comprehensive initial consultation through the execution of our collaborative customized strategy,  

JB Group advisors deliver results that impact people, profits, culture and long-term success. 

Together, we create a detailed blueprint to guide clients to successful and low-risk loss prevention solutions.

JB Group provides risk management in Denver, supports loss prevention in Denver, JB Group Loss Prevention specializes in insurance risk management and improving small business profitability.

While we specialize in all things risk, integrity and compliance, you and your team can focus on your core business and client satisfaction.  ​Supporting our partners by providing more than 30 years of "been there, done that"  experience and hands-on knowledge is our goal.  Our experts have developed and managed loss prevention and risk management programs for Fortune 500 companies including Kmart, Circuit City, OfficeMax, Comex / Kwal Paints and Vail Resorts. Our pros have collectively helped companies earn more than $135 million dollars via improved margins, reduced insurance claims and expenses, inventory shrinkage, operational efficiencies and fraud prevention.

We work with you, for you and along side you.  We partner with your leadership team, accountants, human resources and legal experts to ensure transparent collaboration.  We provide proven multi-million dollar strategies at a "small business" cost. Our pros are capable of jumping into manage any crisis situation, investigation or training challenge.  With our vast array of experiences and resources, JB Group is your one-stop shop for all security, safety, integrity, compliance and risk issues.

We focus in seven strategic areas:  

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John Clark  serves as a Senior Advisor to JB Group, LLC and is the Principal and Founder of PCI Services, LLC, a business consultancy firm with a mission to provide small to mid-size businesses with sustainable solutions that positively affect growth and protect interests. 

John has served as an Executive for both public and private domestic and international businesses. His responsibilities have included implementing risk and loss mitigation strategies, governmental compliance initiatives, business assessment and control functions and the implementation of corporate governance practices.

Prior to his business roles, John held various positions with local and federal law enforcement agencies and is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. While serving his country John earned degrees from the US Air Force Air University and Community College of the Air Force, earning a BS in Criminal Justice Administration and an AS in Industrial Security Management.